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New cuckoo search algorithms with heavy-tailed distributions

Four different randomness-enhanced CS algorithms using different heavy-tailed distributions (namely CSML, CSP, CSC and CSW)


2019-06-05 00:14:41 - Jiamin Wei

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Gauss-Jacques Method

Calculate of modular inverse matrices using Gauss-Jacques algorithm sized n x n for applications in numerical analysis.

標簽: gaussjacquesmatlabmodular inverse matrixnumerical analysis

2019-06-04 19:46:47 - D. Cantón

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Matlab function to perform seasonal adjustment with JDemetra+

標簽: calendar effectsdemetrajdemetraseasonal adjustmenttime seriestramo-seatsx13

2019-06-04 18:24:56 - David

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MATLAB zipped programs for solving communications exercises in the book Digital Communications by Bernard Sklar and fred harris.


2019-06-04 18:07:21 - Bernard Sklar

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Lung segmentation

Lung and airway segmentation. In this version there is no separation to the left and right lung - the volume is monolith.

標簽: computer visionimage segmentationmedical

2019-06-04 17:00:14 - Gregory Postolsky

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Create a vector by drawing it directly on the figure with your mouse


2019-06-04 16:30:25 - Edden M. Gerber

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plot FFT

plot a single-sided spectrum with true frequency x-axis


2019-06-04 16:22:07 - Edden M. Gerber

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Filters - high, low and notch

Easy filter functions wrapping around matlab's filter design.

標簽: eegfiltertime series

2019-06-04 16:12:15 - Edden M. Gerber

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Deep Learning : Darknet Importer

Import Deep Neural Networks Trained in the Darknet Framework

標簽: deep learningdemoimage classificationimage processingimportimporterneural networks

2019-06-04 16:04:44 - Kei Otsuka

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Identify contiguous clusters of pixels in a binary 2D image.


2019-06-04 15:42:26 - Edden M. Gerber

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Open Optimal Control Library for Matlab, Octave. Model-predictive control (MPC) and Trajectory optimization software.

標簽: controlmathematicsmodel predictive controlmpcoptimal controlsystemstrajectory optimization

2019-06-04 15:30:00 - Jonas

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Gets the zeros from bessel function (and his derivative) with arbitrary resolution using symbolic toolbox.

標簽: besselbesseljderivative besselrootssymboliczeros

2019-06-04 15:13:12 - Adrián Amor

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Fully vectorized method to plot voxels in an indexed 3d data array

標簽: 3d3d datacreate voxel plotdata visualizationimage processingisosurfaceminecraftvisualizationvoxelvoxel plotvoxel surface

2019-06-04 13:50:29 - Johann-Lukas Voigt

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Read compressed or uncompressed monochrome NorPix image sequence in MATLAB

標簽: compressionjpegnorpixseqstreampix

2019-06-04 13:25:32 - Paul Siefert

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drawAPT is a collection of MATLAB functions that emulate APT geometric commands

標簽: computer aided drafting

2019-06-04 11:27:15 - milan batista

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Principal components analysis in two-dimensions

標簽: statistics

2019-06-04 09:20:11 - milan batista

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this codes demonstrates how we can generate an image having linear color gradient, it uses two color to generates color gradient image,

標簽: generate image in matlabimage gradientimage gradient matlabimage processingmtech thesis codingphd thesis codingtwo colors in image

2019-06-04 07:48:58 - harjeet singh

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draw19 is a collection of the MATLAB's functions that allows one to draw various geometric entities in the plane.

標簽: computer aided drafting

2019-06-04 07:39:14 - milan batista

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Universal tuner for all types of processes

The method is directly providing the PID type parameters to any process of any order.

標簽: direct tunergain marginloop controlphase marginpid tuneruniversal tuner

2019-06-04 06:22:44 - Clara Ionescu - UGent

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Image recoloring without a target image

Matlab implementation of 'Image Recoloring Based on Object Color Distributions' Eurographics (short papers) 2019.

標簽: color manipulationcolor processingcolor transferimage recoloring

2019-06-04 05:42:18 - Mahmoud Afifi

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Industrial-scale Penicillin SimulationV2

A 1st principles mathematical model of a 100,000 Litre penicillin fermentation

標簽: biotechnologycontrolfermentationindustrial process modellingsimulationbioreactor

2019-06-03 19:26:10 - Stephen Goldrick

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Creates draggable data tips with custom labeling options on 2-D plots. Custom labels also work on default MATLAB Data Tips.

標簽: pick of the weekpotwcustom data tip labelsdata tipsdatatipsdraggabledraggable data tips

2019-06-03 17:39:28 - Allen

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